Quasi Chorus and Flange

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Figure 1: Parameters set up for 'Quasi Chorus and Flange' (Pro Tools MOD DELAY III plug-in)     

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Quasi Chorus and Flange


A true chorus or flange is a modulated delay that takes place inside the device or program. In this operation, you will set up a delay line plug-in and create the chorus and flange effects by adjusting its parameters. Here is how to create 'Quasi Chorus and Flange' effect:


1) Add a delay plug-in (mono/stereo) to the lead vocal track's insert.

(In this article, I am dealing with MOD DEALY III in Pro Tools. See the Figure 1 above.)


2) Solo the vocal track.


3) Highlight a region that contains vocals and then hit play button.


4) While the track is playing set-up the delay plug-in exactly as shown in Figure 1.

(Left channel: Mix = 50%, LPF (Low Pass Filter) = 17 kHz, Delay = 12.00 ms, Depth = 63%, Rate = 1.10 Hz,  Feedback = 68% | Right channel: Mix = 50%, LPF = 20 kHz, Delay = 1.00 ms, Depth = 69%, Rate = 0.56 Hz, Feedback = 70%)


5) Once this is completed, take time to listen carefully.


6) Compare the effect to the dry track by using the Bypass button.


7) If you like you could automate this plug-in.

(If you do choose to automate this plug-in, try automating the Rate and thus vary the Rate slowly by a very small amount. Automating the Depth could also yield interesting results.)


8) Listen to this track in the mix with the effect in place and get a good balance.






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