Reminders to Help You Focus on Your Mix

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Text 2020-02-15


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Reminders to Help You Focus on Your Mix


1. Listen first, think, and then act.


2. Use ONLY what is needed, not "because you can". (This is based on your listening to the song/tracks.)


3. Formulate a concept/goal for your mix, and then work to realize it.


4. Question yourself as you go; "Did what I just did fix, improve or enhance the instrument/mix or not". A/B your processing whenever you're not sure.


5. Possible order of operations:

a) Listen to the song.

b) Do remedial processing work first (dynamics, tonal problems).

c) Create a fader level balance.

d) Use panning to create the soundfield (left-right) balance.

e) Tonal management (EQ within the mix and overall bandwidth).

f) Dynamics fixes, performance, mix movement.

g) Dimension; effects, enhancements, depth, motion, width, presence.

h) Interest; Performance dynamics, breakdowns, mutes, rides.

i) And finally, as always, keep an eye on those levels. A distorted mix is just not acceptable.


6. When you are finished mixing don't forget to:

- Save your automation information

- Save your mix

- Burn a copy of work for reference.

(Who knows? Maybe you can use it in your demo reel if someone wants to hear your work.) 






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