Historic Synthesizer: Roland D-50 (4)

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Text 2020-02-20


▲ Roland D-50's Algorithm Panel

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Historic Synthesizer: Roland D-50 (4)


The D-50 can store 64 patches internally, and additional 64 patches can be stored using an external memory card. The word 'patch' comes from modular synthesizers that connect patch wires to create a tone. Today's patches are used to refer to the synthesizer's entire voice or just one voice. For example, D-50's 'Fantasia' is one of the D-50's patches. In D-50, the patch consists  of two parts: Upper Tone and Lower Tone.



▲ Patch structure of D-50

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Partial is basically the same as one analog synthesizer using subtractive synthesis. Since one patch is composed of two tones, and one tone is composed of two partials, so one patch of D-50 can be regarded to consist of four subtractive synthesizers. 


The D-50 has a built-in effector, which can be used as a parametric equalizer. The figure below shows the path of D-50's signal processor.



▲ The Path of D-50's Signal Processor

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