Compressing Lead Vocal

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Text 2020-02-21

Figure 1: Parameter set for Lead vocal compression (Pro Tools Compressor / Limiter plug-in)

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Compressing Lead Vocal 


The spirit has evidently moved the lead vocalist and as a result, his/her signal level is kind of all over the place. This could be a problem when it comes time to mix him/her in with everything else. A little compression on his/her voice will help smooth out the ups and downs and make  it easier to sit him/her in front of the arrangement and not get lost. Here is how to compress the lead vocal in general:


1) Add a compressor to the insert of the Lead vocal track.

(In this article, I am dealing with Compressor / Limiter in Pro Tools. See the figure 1 above.)


2) Solo the Vocal track.


3) Highlight a Region that has Lead vocals and hit Play.


4) Set-up the Compressor as shown in Figure 1.

(Gain: +7.2 dB, Threshold: -34.8 dB, Ratio: 8.0:1, Attack: 11 ms, Release: 50 ms, Knee: 8.0 dB)


5) Fine-tune the settings as needed.


6) Listen with the compressor in and out by using the Bypass.


7) Listen to the compressed vocals in the mix and get a good balance.






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