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Music Licenses

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Music Licenses
Type of Music Use Type of License Required
Commercial broadcast of non-dramatic music Performance license
Non-broadcast performance of non-dramatic music Performance license
 Phonorecord sold for private use Compulsory or "Negotiated" mechanical license
 Music Video Production used for broadcast or cable TV Synchronization license and performance license 
 Movie, music video, other video software sold or rented to individuals for home use Synchronization license which includes license to mechanically reproduce copies for sale
 Motion picture for theatrical exhibition Synchronization license which includes a right to exhibit (performance right)
 Broadcast commercial Special use permit 
 Merchandising tie-ins, computer software applications, etc. Special use permit 
 Environmental music ("Muzak") Transcription license which includes the right of performance
 Dramatico-musical production (performed live) Grand right or dramatic right 
 Public broadcasting station Compulsory license 
Jukebox  Compulsory license 
 CATV Compulsory license 






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