United Plugins Unveils It’s Seventh Plug-in In The Market - ‘FirePresser’

The Advanced Serial Multi-Compressor Plug-in

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Text 2020-02-25

▲ FirePresser

© United Plugins

A secret trick to get natural yet powerful sounding compression is to use multiple compressors in series. FirePresser offers you four of the most iconic analogue compressor emulations in a simple interface, which lets you blend all of them easily and get lush analogue compression from any material immediately. 



Fine Selection

Based on long-time professional studio experiences, the company has carefully chosen a set of compressors with unique and expressive characteristics and successfully turns those hardware devices into one software plug-in.  



Easy of Use 

FirePresser let you access easily to exacting emulations of four iconic analogue compressors. Those four emulated compressors are clearly labelled on FirePresser (from left to right) as ‘VARIMU’ (coloured green), ‘STRESS’ (coloured red), ‘DB160’ (coloured blue), and ’76' (coloured yellow) in the intuitive user interface that allows all of them to be blended with the greatest of ease, letting lush analogue sounding compression weave its musical magic upon any source material immediately. In addition, users can quickly rearrange the order of those compressors with simple drag-and-drop movements. 



▲ FirePresser (front view)

© United Plugins


Shortcut to the Finest Blend

FirePresser’s ‘Rainbow Pad’ gives you freedom of control over the amount of presence of every compressor in the chain. Drag just one parameter to achieve the best results. This is quick, simple, and creative workflow.



Fine Tuning for Your Taste

Although the effect of FirePresser is instant, skilled users may want to use the ‘Detector’ for fine tuning. That gives you access to advanced features of all engaged compressors at the same time. In addition, the overall effect of FirePresser can be accentuated by dialing the ‘Turbo’ knob to get more squash and seasoned sounds through pleasant analogue saturation.



For Universal Use

FirePresser is equipped with lots of professionally-programmed presets for almost any situations in studios. In most cases, you will just load a preset and dial ‘Wet/Dry’ knob to achieve fantastic results. FirePresser is a real time-saver.






- Run in most major DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on macOS and Windows


- Uses internal 64-bit audio processing handling any sample rates up to 192 kHz and beyond


- AAX-, AU-, and VST- compatible audio plug-in


- Uses a license file for activation, which allows running FirePresser on multiple computers 





€59.00 EUR ($66.00 USD) 


*This is a time-limited introductory promo price until March 10, 2020. The price will be rising thereafter to €99.00 EUR ($110.00 USD)



*Note that a 15-day, fully-functional trial version for macOS and Windows can be downloaded free: here




United Plugins is a federation of small, independent development teams comprised of individuals involved in the music industry. The founding triad is FireSonic, JMG Sound, and SounDevice Digital. ‘FirePresser’ is a product of FireSonic. 



For more information on FirePresser



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