Swar Systems ‘SwarPlug 4’: The Most Integrated Way of Adding Tracks of Indian Instruments in your compositions

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Text 2021-01-19


Swar Systems ‘SwarPlug 4’: The Most Integrated Way of Adding Tracks of Indian Instruments in your compositions



If you are looking for authentic Indian instrumental sounds for your composition, Swar Systems is the right place for your needs. The library that Swar Systems holds is the largest and most comprehensive in the market at this day, including instruments from all regions of the Indian subcontinent. These are available in a different set of products that will fit all your technical requirements. 



© Swar Systems


'SwarPlug 4' is a VST, Audio Units, and AAX plug-in that will work on most DAWs. It features an ever increasing number of Indian instruments (over 80 so far), each instrument with a large quantity of MIDI loops that you can audition and simply drag & drop on your tracks, to achieve something genuinely sounding in instants. 


SwarPlug 4 provides the most integrated way of adding tracks of Indian instruments in your compositions. It combines both 74+ virtual Indian instruments in VSTi / AU / RTAS technology and a librarian to browse and select among a collection of over thousands of sounds.


SwarPlug 4 is the most popular product in Swar Systems, especially with ML (Multi-Layers) packs. 



© Swar Systems



Key Features


- Over 80 perfectly sampled Indian instruments


- Customizable mapping of playing areas with specific parameters settings


- Multi-mic fader (for ML instruments)


- MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support 


- Cross-Legato mode for seamless cross-fading pitch bendings


- Scales customization with semi-tone tuning


- Modulations panel with large array of modulation possibilities


- Time-stretching 


- Buses and Effect 


- And more.. 





$269.00 USD 



*Note that a Demo version for Windows & Mac can be downloaded for free: here 



For more information on ‘SwarPlug 4’ 










About 'Swar Systems'

Swar Systems is a software company specialized in Indian music and virtual Indian instruments. We are the leader in Indian music software for home, stage, and studio use. Our customers are either lovers of Indian classical music and traditions from India - or composers wishing to add that little Indian spice and Indian feel to their songs/music. We provide the most realistic virtual Indian instruments for both established composers and music lovers alike. We focus on inspiring and empowering music creators to express their musical ideas realistically. We take pride in having the largest, most comprehensive library of Indian instruments in the market today. Our goal is making the Swar collection as the best selling collection for production of Indian music.




© Swar Systems






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