[Recording] Lab 13: Creating Triggered Gated Reverbs

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Creating Triggered Gated Reverbs


With a reverb gated by an external signal, you can control the shape of the reverb tail by another signal. You are going to put different reverbs on a kick and snare drum and gate them so they have different reverbs. First, you are going to record the reverbs for kick and snare on separate pairs of tracks. 



1) On your selected song, go back and clean up as much leakage as possible from both kick and snare tracks using gates inserted in the channels.


2) Select a reverb for the kick on Aux 1 and a different reverb for the snare on Aux 2. Set both RT60 to 2 seconds or more. (We want the reverbs to be mushy and indistinct.)


3) Record the kick's reverb on tracks 1 and 2, and the snare's reverb on tracks 3 and 4.


4) After recording the reverbs, take tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4 out of record ready.


5) Turn off the sends to Aux 1 and Aux 2.



You've got two different reverbs on tracks 1-2 (stereo reverb on kick) and 3-4 (stereo reverb on snare). Both reverb tails (RT60) are too long. You will trim the reverbs by putting gates on them and triggering the gates with the signal that was driving the reverb. First the kick.



6) Make sure all tracks are out of record ready.


7) Bring up the kick's reverb return faders 1 and 2 and pan them left and right.


8) Insert a gate into the kick's reverb return.


9) At Aux 1, raise the kick's Aux send level to 0 dB.


10) While playing the song, adjust the gate's parameters to achieve a reverb tail that follows the sound of the kick.


11) Do the same thing for the snare track. 

(For the snare channels you are working with tracks 3 and 4 and you will be triggering the snare's reverb from Aux 2.)





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