[Acoustics] Lab 14: Reversing Piano's ADSR Envelope

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Text 2021-04-12


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Reversing Piano's ADSR Envelope


Piano piece played forward

This series of examples shows how important envelope information is to identification of a sound. In this example, the piano plays "Happy Birthday Song". All is normal. We hear recognizable music played by a recognizable acoustic piano.


Piano piece played backward

In this example, the piano plays "Happy Birthday Song" backwards (last note first). The music sounds strange but it is still a recognizable piano playing.





Piano piece recorded backward played forward

In this example, the recording of the backward-played piano chords are themselves played forwards. The music will now come out sounding like some piano chords, but the piano will have its ADSR envelope reversed. It now will not sound like a piano, even though you know what has been done to it. This is how important a role the ADSR envelope plays in sound recognition.







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